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Ladies Night Done Right!

Ladies are you ready?! Lets Twerk and Lap Dance the night away! 9pm-11pm you will learn 7 Twerk routines and 2 Lap Dance routines. 1130pm the after party goes down! FREE Drinks, FREE Food (wing dings, hotdogs, nachos, & etc), HOOKAH, GAMES, and more! This is one Ladies Night Done Right you don't want to miss! 

Pre-Registration ONLY! 

This exclusive event is located in the Cleveland Heights area. FREE PARKING 

Address provided upon purchase... 


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Video Twerk Contest   

Grand Prize $250

COMING SOON we are having a Video Twerk Contest via Instagram. The winner will receive a prize of $250! It is $25 to enter into the contest. How do you enter? You can drop by the studio, pay by phone, or online. How does the contest work? You pay your $25 entry fee, send in your full name, telephone number, and Instagram name to After you complete these steps, you post a twerk video and @shyunique & @souniquepolefitness. Your video will post to both pages. YOU MUST LEAVE UP YOUR VIDEO ON YOUR PAGE October 11th-24th to remain in the contest.  Whoever get the most likes on their video WINS $250! SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO GO TO @shyunique & @souniquepolefitness to LIKE YOUR VIDEO!!!The winner will be notified via phone, email, and instagram. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!  


Interested in unlimited classes? Or what about discounts on pole parties, as well as other deals?

Sweetest Day is approaching! OCTOBER 20TH 6pm & 7pm Dance for You couples Class! Spice up your love life with something different, make them feel special, and bring out the enter freak in you 😍❤...ONLY $25!